Let me start with my own story .

I heard a class about grasshopper has started with an unknown tutor , it was not in my city , (it was far before this Covid thing ) and I had to travel near 3 hours to attend the class . I loved new things to experience .

Grasshopper seemedso cool , I saw alot of gorgious shapes made by grasshopper . 

So I did it . It was such hilarious opportunity .

At the end of the class I saw many of the students went for Python class too . I told myself wait wait waiittt , should I learn python to?

Honestly the answer was , no

I did not need anything on coding , I was not studying master in that time . So why did I need coding and making things faster and cooler . 

But in the last session , the tutor made some conversation about python with my friends in grasshopper class, and I was like “damn I wish I knew it , then I could get into the conversation too” 

Guess whaaatttt

I enrolled the course .

After 3 years I am here having 2 popular ghpython course in rhino3d .

I have thousands of stories like this , how I was motivated to do things and learn new things just to be able to make conversation with them .

Now let’s get back to you 

Why you should learn ghpython ? 

Are you a designer and you wish you could do the ideas faster , so you can have more time to do more projects and get more money? 

Are you a university tutor and you want to know how grasshopper and coding can work in design field to make things more efficient and keep up with new technology? 

Are u a student and you want to learn new ideas in the world of design and architecture ?

 So yes, coding is definitely for you . Coding is language of near future . Technology is everywhere now . In design and building industry it became more important . 

You need to know the technology languahe to be able to 

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