Niloofar Zaker

I am a computational designer, CG Artist, and podcaster. You may also see me being active in the marketing and branding field consulting different companies. My specialization is sustainable design from the Norwegian University of Technology. Currently, I try to inform the world about what I have learned about sustainability and design. As a computational designer who knows how to code, you can guess that I am also in love with Technology and how it is affecting the world. So why not combine them together?

Join me to if you need more information about Sustainable Architecture, Algorithmic design, Coding, and Technology.

Architectural Visualizatio

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My Courses

GhPython Intro -Level1

This course is a free python course in grasshopper showing how easy it is to start coding and create amazing shapes and designs with it .

GhPython-Dive Deeper- Level2

Get more detailed information of Coding in grasshopper with ghpython